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FRIDAY, MAY 07, 2021
New Search Variables Feature is Live!

With hundreds of thousands of data variables to search through on Social Explorer, sometimes finding the exact variable you need can be time-consuming. With our new Se... more

THURSDAY, MAY 06, 2021
Quality of Life Index, 2020

Impossibly high housing prices, constant threats of wildfires and earthquakes, and some of the nation’s worst traffic? For all its downsides, nine of the 10 U.S.... more

NY Times, Social Explorer: U.S. Vaccinations on Pace to Reach Herd Immunity by Late Summer

The worst of the global coronavirus pandemic could be over in the U.S. by late this summer if vaccinations continue at their current pace, according to an analysi... more

SUNDAY, MAY 02, 2021
Controversial Census Bureau Plan That Makes Data Less Accurate Goes to Court

As some states celebrate and others reel from the release of the state population figures, a storm continues around the Census Bureau’s unprecedented and massively con... more

FRIDAY, APR 30, 2021
Medical Index, 2020

Paradoxically, the global COVID-19 pandemic proved to be anything but a boon for the nation’s healthcare industry. Millions of Americans sought to avoid exposure... more

TUESDAY, APR 27, 2021
Is a Post-Pandemic Entertainment Boom Coming our Way?

As the potential end of a yearlong global COVID-19 pandemic draws closer, millions of Americans are likely to want to escape homes for more entertaining venues. That&r... more

MONDAY, APR 26, 2021
Community Resilience Estimates, High Risk Factors

The introduction of vaccines to curb the global coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean risks from the lethal virus have been minimized across the country. Estimates p... more

FRIDAY, APR 23, 2021
As Census Prepares for First 2020 Data Release, Questions Arise About Accuracy of Next Data Release

The 2020 Census, already snake-bitten by a global pandemic that delayed its completion and a prolonged controversy over counting undocumented immigrants, is facing ano... more

TUESDAY, APR 20, 2021
Will the Restaurant Industry be Among the First to Show Signs of Recovery?

As large parts of the United States begin tentatively emerging from a year of economic hibernation, a thriving restaurant industry will be among the most visible signs... more

MONDAY, APR 19, 2021
Change in Full-Time Sworn Officers (White) in the U.S., 2007-16

In the wake of two more high-profile police killings of Black men – one, an attempted tasing of a 20-year-old man in suburban Minneapolis, the other a shooting o... more

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