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THURSDAY, JAN 27, 2022
Poverty Across the United States

Two South Dakota counties that are home to a Native American reservation are the only U.S. counties where a majority of residents live in poverty, according to a Socia...

Change in White Population, 2010-20

The declining percentage of white, non-Hispanic Americans over the last decade may have been one of the biggest stories from the 2020 Census, but the decline was hardl...

MONDAY, JAN 24, 2022
Change in Hispanic Population, 2020-20

The nation's Hispanic population grew 23 percent to 61.1 million over the last 10 years, according to newly released Census data. The growth was distributed widely...

MONDAY, JAN 17, 2022
Premature Death Rates Across the U.S.

It’s well-understood that Native Americans have some of the worst health outcomes of any racial group in the United States. But how bad is it? Nine of 10 U.S. co...

MONDAY, JAN 17, 2022
Settle Down In These U.S. Counties

When we think of U.S. counties with transitory populations, a few places come to mind: New York. Washington, D.C. Las Vegas. But a Social Explorer analysis of data com...

MONDAY, JAN 17, 2022
Small Farms Across the United States

Even as they continue to vanish, small family farms have been held out as the best of American agriculture. Barely 13 percent of U.S. farms have fewer than 10 acres, a...

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