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FRIDAY, OCT 04, 2019
Introducing our new Change Over Time feature!

What if you wanted to map change in population density over a period of time at the census tract level? Or, show change over time in median household income in a speci... more

TUESDAY, OCT 01, 2019
All New ACS 2018 1-Year Estimates Now Available

From $181,200 in 2017 to $186,000 in 2018, the median home value in the state of Pennsylvania increased by a sum of roughly $5,000. While in neighboring New Jersey, th... more

FRIDAY, SEP 27, 2019
Long Form Census Questionnaire Continues Under Different Name

Although Americans only fill out a decennial Census form once every 10 years, the Census Bureau gets information about the nation’s population from a variety of ... more

Case Study: Teaching Sociology with Social Explorer

“Place is such a powerful, significant symbol and it spans across disciplines. My argument is that with Social Explorer, I can see a tie-in with place-based data... more

MONDAY, SEP 23, 2019
Case Study: Historical Research with Social Explorer

“Social Explorer has been incredibly helpful for me. It makes census data a lot easier and it's all in one place. I started using Social Explorer as an under... more

THURSDAY, SEP 19, 2019
For Employer-Based Health Insurance, Metros With Higher Education Institutions Have More Coverage

While the concentration of employers is spread unevenly throughout the U.S., metro areas with a high percentage of adults who get health insurance from their workplace... more

TUESDAY, SEP 17, 2019
Census Data Shows You Can Go Home Again, And 1 in 3 Young American Adults Do

The number of young adults who live with their parents has exceeded the number of married young adults with their own households – and is close to surpassing the... more

MONDAY, SEP 16, 2019
When It Comes to Living in College Towns, Tuition Isn’t Always the Biggest Bill

Housing costs in college towns are chewing up student incomes almost as fast as tuition, according to a Social Explorer analysis. The 10 metros where renters spend mor... more

FRIDAY, SEP 13, 2019
New Census Question Highlights Correlation Between Household Income, Internet Service

News travels slowly in Gallup, N.M. Web traffic, too – less than 25 percent of its households have broadband Internet access, and 56 percent have no Internet ser... more

Are Opportunity Zones a Good Investment? Find out with Social Explorer’s new map layer

“There’s a tremendous amount of data out there that interested parties need to sift through and what we’ve done is synthesize it into easy-to-use and... more

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