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A vast collection of data

- over 500,000 data indicators

Social Explorer provides hundreds of thousands of data indicators across demography, economy, health, education, religion, crime and more. Examine this wealth of information at many geographic levels: national, state, county, ZIP, neighborhood and more. All data are curated, organized and processed for ease of use.

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Population, age, sex, race, marital status, religion, language, families, family relations, households, ethnicity and more


Income, poverty, unemployment, jobs, occupation, industry, wages, housing, workforce characteristics

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Rent, home value, public housing, vacancy, subsidized households

Quality of Life

Health care, insurance, crime, hospital locations, health risk factors, infectious diseases, cancer

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School enrollment, graduation and dropout rates, college locations, libraries, museums

Election data

Presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, and congressional elections data

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Trusted data sources

Social Explorer data come from trusted public and proprietary sources. With years of data research and handling experience, we curate and process every data point that goes into our system.

Thoroughly documented

Social Explorer publishes the official documentation for each data resource in an organized and easy to read format. We also provide the formulas used to compute custom SE variables. This way you know exactly how we got the numbers we did, so you can feel confident knowing what’s behind them.

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Always up-to-date

Social Explorer continuously adds new data to our library. New data releases are processed and added to Social Explorer as soon as they become available. For example it only takes a few days for an American Community Survey release to appear in Social Explorer.

Available for download

Create detailed data reports to export one or thousands of variables and geographies quickly and easily. Excel, CSV, and other file formats allow you to work with data in a variety of software programs for further analysis.

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Data insights are waiting to be uncovered
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