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Find Safe, Socially Distant Getaways with Social Explorer

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and environmentalist Wallace Stegner once described the nation's national parks as "the best idea we ever had." He may have... more

TUESDAY, JUN 23, 2020
Social Explorer Among First 10 Recipients of Upwork Grant for COVID-19 Mitigation Projects

Social Explorer, the award-winning demographics and mapping website, is among the 10 recipients of the first Upwork Work Together Talent Grants, the on-demand tal... more

THURSDAY, JUN 18, 2020
BLM Protests Data Now Live on Social Explorer

As a team, we are committed to providing data and services that help you make better sense of your world. We consistently strive to bring new and coherent insights int... more

MONDAY, JUN 15, 2020
NY Times Tracks BLM Protests Across U.S. Using Social Explorer

Since May 26 — barely one day after a Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd — millions of Americans have taken to the streets to protest police at... more

Testing Ramps Up, But U.S. Daily Numbers Still Less Than 20% Of Goal for Reopening Economy

Since the coronavirus pandemic began its rampage through the U.S. in early March, testing – viewed as a key to curbing the spread of the lethal virus – has... more

MONDAY, APR 20, 2020
New COVID-19 Dataset on Social Explorer

Not everything that can be measured is worth quantifying, and not everything worth quantifying can be measured. And in the middle of a pandemic that’s claimed te... more

FRIDAY, DEC 27, 2019
ACS 2014-2018 5-Year Estimates Now on Social Explorer

With the ACS 2014-2018 5-Year Estimates now available on Social Explorer, ring in the new year by exploring the latest data on over 40 demographic topics. Conducted by... more

THURSDAY, DEC 26, 2019
Announcing new additions to the SE Layer library!

We recently updated our Layer library on Social Explorer, adding a number of exciting new map layers. Head over to our layer library and start exploring nearly eighty ... more

TUESDAY, OCT 01, 2019
All New ACS 2018 1-Year Estimates Now Available

From $181,200 in 2017 to $186,000 in 2018, the median home value in the state of Pennsylvania increased by a sum of roughly $5,000. While in neighboring New Jersey, th... more

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2019
Explore new Social Explorer Datasets

Social Explorer is bringing you even more datasets to explore on our platform. These include: U.S. Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (2002-2009) U.S. County Bus... more

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