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Explore our New COVID-19 Mobility Report Dataset


It is evident that the coronavirus pandemic has reshaped public life as we knew it. Have you ever wondered how your favourite hangout spots have changed since the beginning of the pandemic? Maybe you wondered how normal, everyday, social activities such as riding public transport or grocery shopping have changed as we all adapt to the “new normal.” 

Social explorer's new COVID-19 Mobility Report dataset shows just how much things have changed and to what degree. This dataset reveals the percent change in the number of visitors to categorized places compared to the baseline days, pre-COVID. A baseline day represents a normal value for that day of the week and is the median value taken from a five-week period ranging from January 3rd to February 6th, 2020. 

Mobility changes in retail, recreational places, grocery stores, pharmacies, parks, public transport, workplaces, and residential areas are all the categories you can explore in this new dataset through both our reports or maps tool.


Explore how mobility has changed since the beginning of the pandemic with our new COVID-19 Mobility Report dataset. Click here to explore further.

Discover trends and gain insights into how mobility has changed in your area and beyond with Social Explorer. 

Also, tell us what you think about our new dataset by sending us your comments, suggestions, and questions to

Author: Hana Trokic

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