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Which Community Ranks Highest for COVID-19 Risks ?

FRIDAY, AUG 20, 2021

A government program to estimate the community risk of factors associated with the spread of COVID-19 for all U.S. counties has a clear loser: Absent vaccination progress, almost half of the population in Sumter County, Fla., is at high risk for the potentially lethal virus.

The Community Resilience Estimate program, which grades communities based on 11 criteria ranging from age and income to prevalence of heart disease and diabetes, sorts the population of U.S. counties into low-, medium-, and high-risk categories. Real County, Texas, trailed Sumter’s 48.4 percent of high-risk population by almost 2 percent; Hyde County, N.C., was third with 45.4 percent of its 4,600 residents at high risk. See where your community ranks for risks associated with COVID-19 with Social Explorer’s easy-to-use, flexible mapping and report tools.


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Author: Frank Bass

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