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Where are the People with the Most Cars Located in the U.S.?


The Rust Belt may be the physical capital of American car culture and the Sun Belt its spiritual capital, but the people with the most cars are primarily found in rural Plains counties, according to a Social Explorer analysis of 2016-20 American Community Survey data. Almost one-third of people older than 16 in Judith Basin County in central Montana have five or more cars.

It's followed by Keya Paha County, Neb. (27.9 percent), Arthur County, Neb. (27.6 percent), Billings County, N.D. (23.8 percent), and Knox County, Mo. (22.8 percent).  The largest county to crack to the op 10, Elbert County, Colo., directly southeast of Denver, reported 21.5 percent of driving-age people with five or more cars. 

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Author: Frank Bass

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