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Use Social Explorer Profiles to Find your Perfect Location

THURSDAY, AUG 12, 2021

Want to check out facts and figures about a place before you visit, vacation or move there? Social Explorer’s new Profiles tool can tell you almost everything you need to know about the characteristics of thousands of U.S. counties, places, and zip codes. We’ve got you covered for data from Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska (the northern entrance to the Gates of the Arctic, America’s most remote and least-visited national park, population 315), to the 10005 zip code (home to the New York Stock Exchange with 120,000 people per square mile).

The profiles include a customizable map and five data sections: Demographics, education, economics, households, and housing, all with easy-to-read bar and pie charts. Whether you’re learning, researching, or just daydreaming, Social Explorer’s Profiles tool can replace the tedium of searching pages with the satisfaction of concise and well-informed answers.

Author: Frank Bass

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