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Obamacare’s Impact on Young Americans: A Look at the Most Uninsured Metro Areas in the U.S.

SUNDAY, MAR 26, 2023

Changes to the nation’s health-care system made in 2010 – commonly known as Obamacare – have put a significant dent in the percentage of uninsured young Americans, who can now generally stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until they’re 26 years old. The change has meant that people between the ages of 25 and 34 are now the most likely cohort to be uninsured, according to a Social Explorer analysis of American Community Survey data.

Among metro areas in the U.S. with the highest percentage of young, uninsured adults, Texas accounts for the top five. More than 63 percent of the Rio Grande City residents between 25 and 34 don’t have health insurance. It’s followed by McAllen (51.7 percent); Laredo (48.9 percent); Huntsville (48.8 percent); and Brownsville (48.7 percent).

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Population 25 to 34: No Health Insurance Coverage. Click here to explore further.

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Author: Frank Bass

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