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Median Household Income Across the U.S., 2025

TUESDAY, MAR 23, 2021

Although most fortunes are made in finance and tech, a Social Explorer analysis of income projections compiled by Easy Analytic Software Inc. suggests that government jobs will continue to be the route to higher earnings for most people. The company predicts that the four of the five counties with the highest median household incomes in 2025 will be clustered around the nation’s capital.

Loudoun County, Va. ($172,042) is expected to have the highest incomes in four years, followed by Falls Church, Va. ($171,592); Howard County, Md. ($152,653); Fairfax, Va. ($150,993); and Hunterdon, N.J. ($148,740). Check out your county’s projected median household incomes for 2025 with Social Explorer’s award-winning mapping tools.


Median Household Income, 2025. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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