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Married Once, Twice, Thrice.

THURSDAY, MAY 07, 2020

Almost half of all marriages in the U.S. will end in divorce. Many of those will result in another marriage. And another … and another. A Social Explorer analysis of 2014-18 American Community Survey data finds that 3.5 percent of Americans who are 15 years or older have walked to the altar at least three times.

The highest percentage of multiple marriages was found in Arkansas, where about 1 in 12 adults have been married three or more times, followed by Oklahoma (6.9 percent), Tennessee (6 percent), and Alabama (6 percent). The smallest percentages of multiple marriages occurred in New Jersey (1.3 percent), Massachusetts (1.4 percent), and New York (1.4 percent).

View the percentage of people in your state who have been married three or more times with Social Explorer’s online mapping tools. 


Population Married Three or More Times. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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