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Looking to Vacation Locally? Find Where the Most Vacation Homes are Located Across the U.S.

FRIDAY, JUN 17, 2022

More than 90 percent of vacant housing units in almost 40 U.S. counties are vacation homes, according to a Social Explorer analysis of 2016-20 American Community Survey. Approximately one-third of the nation’s 16.1 million vacant homes are designated as seasonal, recreational, or occasional use homes.

Hamilton County, N.Y., had the greatest number of vacant recreational homes in the U.S., with 96.5 percent of its 7,548 housing units used for vacation homes. It was followed by Valley County, Idaho (96.2 percent), Duke County, Mass. (96.2 percent), Forest County, Penn. (95.2 percent), and Cook County, Minn. (94.9 percent).

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Vacant, Seasonal and Vacation Homes, 2020. Click here to explore further.

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Author: Frank Bass

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