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In Today’s Housing Market, Alternative Living is Looking like a Good Option

TUESDAY, JUN 07, 2022

Housing prices being what they are, it might come as a surprise that the number of Americans living in boats, RVs, or vans has remained relatively constant over the last decade. A Social Explorer analysis of 2006-10 and 2016-20 American Community Survey data finds about 25,000 more people living in unconventional arrangements. Meanwhile, the ranks of people living in single-family housing has climbed more than 5 million.

Boat, RV and van dwellers are generally where you think you’d find them. They make up 5.5 percent of housing in La Paz County, Ariz. DeSoto County, Fla. (2.9 percent), and Yuma County, Ariz. (1.9 percent), also register a high percentage of boat, RV and van dwellers. For places with more than 10,000 housing units, the top seven counties are in the Sunbelt; Nos. 8 through 10 are in the Pacific Northwest and include Jefferson County, Wash. (1.9 percent); Tillamook County, Ore. (1.9 percent); and Lincoln County, Ore. (1.8 percent).

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People Living in Boats, RVs, Vans, Etc. 2020. Click here to explore further.

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Author: Frank Bass

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