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Data Filtering Now Made Easy on Social Explorer!


Filter areas by criteria

Say hello to our brand new beta feature, Filter areas by criteria! This dynamic and intuitive data filtering tool powers your research by enabling you to filter geographies by data. Identify locations based on your search parameters. Select any set of variables in the filter option to highlight areas on the map that match your specific search parameters. Examine relationships and trends among different data points from the broadest to the most granular level of geography, all on a single map.


Click on the More options button and select the option Filter areas by criteria. Now you’re all set to explore our latest feature!

Isolate areas by setting specific criteria

Select the Add filter button and isolate areas by setting specific criteria using any variables from within a particular dataset. For example, filter areas by the ‘Age’ category, drill down to the subset “Total Population: More than 65 Years” to select areas with a higher concentration of people over 65 years of age. Then add another filter, for example, select areas with median household income over $55,000.


Select as many variables as you want

Our filtering option gives you the freedom to filter by as many variables as you want. Choose any variable from our extensive data library for answers to highly detailed questions. Your selected criteria will simply filter the geographies on the map. You can click on any data within the selected dataset and visualize the results on the filtered geographies.


View the same dataset at a variety of geographic levels set to your selected filtering criteria. Even as you change the level of geography from state to county to census tract and more, your selected filtering criteria continues to be applied. Keep in mind that while using the filtering option, the data used for filtering does not appear on the map.

Choose variable and filtering values

You can set the variable as a numerical value, either in the form of count or a percentage figure. In case of the categorical variables, select the base variable from which the numerical value should be calculated.


If the filter is valid, the geographies matching the criteria are displayed in color, while areas that don’t meet the applied criteria are grayed out.

Multiple filters

You can choose different combinations for your selected filters. Select Match all for areas that meet all of the given criteria; Match any for areas that meet one or more given criteria; or Match none to highlight the areas that don't meet your criteria.


Data filter indicator

After you have selected your filter(s), the indicator Data filter is on appears in the top right corner of the screen. It allows you to quickly access the filter editor, or remove all filters from the map.


Clicking on criteria in the bottom left legend generates a popup displaying your selected filters.

Embedding and sharing with data filters

Your saved filters will apply to maps in embedded mode. Share your maps with anyone on the web set to your selected filters.

Give it a shot!

We would love to know how we can help you do more with our platform. Try out this exciting new feature on Social Explorer and tell us what you think. Use the Feedback option at the top of the map, or send us your suggestions, comments, and questions to

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