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Change in U.S. Multiracial Population, 2010-20

MONDAY, NOV 01, 2021

Statistically speaking, sparsely populated areas will produce demographic outliers when it comes to percentage changes. That mathematical reality, however, can’t solely explain the growth of the nation’s multiracial population over the last decade in some of the nation’s smaller counties.

Griggs County, N.D., which had one multiracial person in 2010, reported 50 for the 2020 headcount – a 5,000 percent increase –while losing almost 5 percent of its total population. It was followed by Duval County, Texas, where the 20-person multiracial population of 20 swelled to 701 last year – a 3,505 percent increase, despite losing almost 17 percent of its population. Hayes County, Neb., saw its multiracial population leap from one person to 26, a 2,600 percent increase, while losing 11.5 percent of its population. To check out the growth rates of America’s fastest-growing racial group, use Social Explorer’s intuitive mapping and report tools.


Multiracial Population, 2010-20. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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