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Change in U.S. Asian Population, 2010-20

THURSDAY, NOV 04, 2021

People of Asian descent, who were forbidden from becoming U.S. citizens less than a century ago, were the nation's fastest-growing race over the last decade, according to results from the recently released 2020 Census. Asian-Americans grew nationwide by 35.5 percent, adding to their ranks in 2,229 of the nation's 3,143 counties.

The greatest percentage increase in the nation  — 800 percent — occurred in McKenzie County, N.D., the fast-growing, oil-rich heart of the Williston Basin. Neighboring Williams County, N.D., registered the second-fastest percentage growth in Asian-Americans (685 percent), followed by Skagway, Alaska (680 percent).

Honolulu, the county with the greatest percentage of Asian-Americans at 42.2 percent of the population, reported a 4.7 percent increase. Los Angeles, whose 1.74 million Asian-Americans represent almost 15 percent of the county's population, saw its numbers climb by 11.2 percent over the decade. Check out the number of Asian-Americans in your county with Social Explorer’s easy-to-use, flexible mapping tools.


Change in Asian Population, 2010-20. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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