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FRIDAY, MAY 07, 2021
New Search Variables Feature is Live!

With hundreds of thousands of data variables to search through on Social Explorer, sometimes finding the exact variable you need can be time-consuming. With our new Se... more

NY Times, Social Explorer: U.S. Vaccinations on Pace to Reach Herd Immunity by Late Summer

The worst of the global coronavirus pandemic could be over in the U.S. by late this summer if vaccinations continue at their current pace, according to an analysi... more

SUNDAY, MAY 02, 2021
Controversial Census Bureau Plan That Makes Data Less Accurate Goes to Court

As some states celebrate and others reel from the release of the state population figures, a storm continues around the Census Bureau’s unprecedented and massively con... more

FRIDAY, APR 23, 2021
As Census Prepares for First 2020 Data Release, Questions Arise About Accuracy of Next Data Release

The 2020 Census, already snake-bitten by a global pandemic that delayed its completion and a prolonged controversy over counting undocumented immigrants, is facing ano... more

MONDAY, APR 19, 2021
Sixteen States Sue to Block Census Bureau Data Privacy Method

The Census Bureau plans to release the state population counts used to apportion Congress by April 30.  In August, it will release the first wave of redistricting... more

FRIDAY, APR 16, 2021
Signal Brands Point Data Added to Our Layer Library

Where popular establishments, such as Starbucks, Target, Whole Foods, Walmart, and CVS, choose to open up locations says a lot about an area and its demographic profil... more

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